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Best Foods To Increase Breast Milk

 There are certain foods that increase breast milk and enhance lactation. Breast milk contains all the prime nutrients required for an overall growth and brain development of a newborn baby. Here is a list of the foods that you must include in your diet to increase breast milk. These are best foods to increase breast milk production & are great in terms of bringing you back to health, as well as aid in milk production.


Basil Leaves:

Basil leaves are a great source of anti-oxidants.


Garlic is considered the best food to increase breast milk, as it is well-known for boosting lactation in nursing mothers.

 Brown Rice:

Brown rice gives nursing moms the extra energy that is required post-delivery.

Cumin Seeds:


Cumin seeds boost milk supply. Make sure you have them in moderation though.


Water And Juices:

Drinking water and juices is supposed to boost lactation. It increases the total milk volume per feed.


 Sweet Potato:

Sweet potato is a major source of potassium. It has energy producing carbohydrate which is needed to fight the fatigue.


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