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intel Whether you decide on 2 in 1s, tablets, laptops, intel® Education reference design devices give your students full-featured solutions that support the development of 21st century skills. Exterior ● Rugged design, non-slip texture for both stability and portability ● Dust and liquid resistant screens and keyboards ● Designed to withstand desktop-height drops Tools ● Integrated stereos speakers, microphone and camera for multi-media viewing and creation ● Optional tools perfect for STEM subjects, including magnifications lens and temperature sensor probe Software ● Intel® Education Software, which includes applications that enhance learning and collaboration, provide powerful study and classroom management tools and track student progress. ● Built-in digital security and online protection for schools and students  
Thebes internayional Schoools Vission Thebes American College 6th of October City is committed to rendering highly-skilled life-long learners capable of positively participating as active global citizens, while promoting tolerance and equity in a diverse fast growing world. Mission To provide students with the highest standards of knowledge and skills in order to build the foundation for both college and career readiness while also instilling a spirit of moral values and personal growth, aimed at generating individuals who strive to excel both academically and morally.
Thebes internayional Schoools
Al–Afak Al Gadeda International School
Al–Afak Al Gadeda International School Al–Afak Al Gadeda International School TOGETHER WE CAN REACH  PROFICIENCY Al–Afak Al Gadeda International Schoo • ACIC implements educational programs for:    • Baby Classes (CDC)     • Kindergarten (Pre-K And KG)     • Elementary (Grades 1-5)     • Middle (Grades 6-8)     • High (Grades 9-12) • Class teachers available from CDC to grade 2              and subject teachers from grade 3 to 12.                                             • Spacious, air-conditioned classrooms equipped        with latest technology, such as Smart Boards. • Qualified and experienced, native English    speaking teachers. • Extracurricular activities and domestic and    international trips are offered for our students. • Character building curriculum is inplemented at   our Elementary stage.
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