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Snow White Nursery

Snow White Nursery

Our aim is to provide the perfect and the most

Welcoming atmosphere for your child to grow

And develop by love and care we maintain a

We set your child is manners as one of our child as

Priorities we also pay special attention to your

Child is hygiene, health and safety.

-          We accept children from 40 days to 5 years.

-          Working days are all week days from 7:00 AM To 7:00 PM.

-          We also offer pronunciation lessons ( English, French, German ).

-          After school hosting for children above 5 years .

-          Summer camp and winter break.

-          Transportation Avibile .



Dear Parents,

            We are wishing you all a happy coming year with us at Snow White.

We Hope to be always at your best expectation, and all staff as well as the administration are working efficiently together, as keen on being on

the same track and avoid causing any inconvenience to you and to our dear children.

We would like to inform you that we have a summer school to all children from 5 to 13 years old, where twenty different activities are

being given to children such as :

Swimming Pool                                       Languages : English, French, Dutch

Outdoor trips                                          Experiences

Competition                                            Computer

Decoration                                              Etiquette

Aerobics                                                   Research

Cokking                                                     Religion

Dance                                                       Fitness

Acting                                                       Karate

Music                                                        Sport


14 Mohamed El Khader Hussien, Ard El Golf
Tel : 24176931 - 01096733997 - 01223101443
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