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Candy planet nursery & pre schools

Accepting kids from 3 months till school age.
We provide 3 nutritious meals Medical checkup is provided once per week.
After school program (your children can come after school days to be cared for and do their Homework’s).
English & French classes.
Montessori education.
Daily & monthly reports.
Classes monitoring by cameras.
Outdoor playing areas & indoor playing room.
Potty training.
Specialist staff in treatment of children.



Pave the way for our children to learn all what they need to become active individuals this is done with the help of in the society teaching staff that gently guides them to become confident individuals who respect themselves, each other and the world around them.


Ahmed Aboul Ela off Omar Lotfy street behind Egypt Air - Nasr City Cairo, Egypt
Tel : 0127 075 1110_01025646188
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