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British nursery & summer school

Our activates

·         Weekly events

·         Art&& activity music& aerobics

·         Cooking


·         Welcome kids from the age of 1 month

·         Working hours 7:30 am -5 pm

·         Extra hours till 8 pm

·         Transportation is available

·         healthy fresh meals are offered

·         Twice a week visiting pediatrician


Speech therapy

 Articulation, speech language, communication lisps and stuttering.



Our Aim

Is to explore, discover, grow& enrich our children minds.

                                                 To develop their mental & physical skills.


SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON ETIQUETTE, hygiene & manners safe and secure environment for children special recreation facilities provided emphasis on English conversation interior and exterior games

 Our curriculum

                                                  Arabic English French math Qur'an


8 abo bakar el sdeek st. off mohiey el deen abu el ezz , mohandesen
Tel : 01061133317 - 01221005079
website : 

   Our Page on facebook :

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