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Egypt Zaman

"Aaratny you lived Zaman" .. "beautiful time and mind Alraig" .. "God Zaman" .. phrases repeated by many now as echoed by a lot of them and all of them fully insured he did not catch the beautiful ideal in time, purity and tranquility and "Alroukan" time as they say, everyone wishes to escape from suffering in the current days to the time it did not create that suffering, even became the fifties generation envied lived Balorbaenja came the sixties generation rambled lived with his predecessors and so on.

It was not those feelings before this day only to materialize diligence to see "Zaman days" through old movies that carry inside the quiet streets and souls dreamy elegant fashion Veptad of watched all ill experienced its reality, away from the noise and chaos, but now it has become the scene sizeable to allow for those feelings that take their freedom and instead of television there has become a platform largest managed through which young people dump everything inside them craving and desire to return to the old days, and through various online networks and social networking sites are no longer the small screen is the only outlet for them after the spread of everything respect to last through the different pages on "Facebook".

And it turned the old days and the streets anytime, artists time to photos and videos rare vying different pages in published as a treasure archaeological, and become real competition between those pages to access unless it is published or vision by recognizing the great intangible value represented by those images of precious and videos at users, "Facebook", this value clearly show once the deployment of one of the old images are immediately circulated and published in various news sites and personal pages under the heading "rare photograph published for the first time."

The "Facebook" as a shift from just a site for social networking and sharing of personal images to the platform through which the revival of days ago some people thought they would not see it again, have won them a part of their dream to live a beautiful time, and now have the ability to watch the streets of Egypt in the fifties and knowledge of fashion people in the sixties and retrieve Zakariathm they have experienced in the eighties and nineties.

After multiple pages of the past and images of rare headed some pages to specialize to create the kind of excellence for other Vt_khasst one in the publication of photographs artists and others in the deployment of rare videos and other in spreading Songs nineties and so on, and won this diversity desirability users the "Facebook", and filled those pages Thousands Fans even surpassed some of the million mark as the page's famous "owners forever to save the heritage," which approached fans out to 3 million, having marked the publication of the rare new images and videos of the star and former presidents, as well as videos depicting the streets of Egypt, the beauty of the past and promoted, as characterized by Page such as "Robabakia" evoking things ago and we do not remember published a photographs of ancient coins, and photographs of the artists did not remember them in the midst of the middle of this, while surpassed "the people of Egypt page Zaman" million Fans and other pages which have earned the admiration of millions of the pioneers of social networking sites.

"Facebook" He also gave an opportunity to the imagination girls dreamer who still live voice, Abdul Halim Hafez, and elegantly Cinderella, that punctuated Nafahat though little of days this time so they start to try to turn the images artists golden age and take advantage of their camels Pacific and non-Poseur, and recovered fantasies Photos Omar Sharif and Roshdy Abaza, Ahmed Mazhar as jockeys for their dreams, while they searched for their childhood days and their games and songs in "born in the eighties" pages, and "the sweetest memories of the eighties" and "Songs of the nineties."

Thus, Facebook managed to turn into a time machine express their users to different eras and check them for security of life in the memories they thought they would not come back again Vosaadthm and transformed it from just a site to connect to a shelter goes to all those who wish to live in the memories of the past.

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