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Pure skin and shiny hair Try these formulations enhanced oil argan

Moroccan argan oil is used for thousands of years, health and aesthetic stunning benefits. This magical golden oil carries everything you need women to maintain the beauty of her youth and her skin. It contains a very high percentage of antioxidants that prevent cell damage in addition to vitamin E and omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9, which nourish the skin and delay the onset of the signs of aging. And realized global cosmetic companies importance and many are adding argan to many Mentjtha for hair, skin and body. Find out with us on each and Ejrebiha yourself.

Bottega Verde Argan del Marocco Olio Sublime
Multifunction oil nourishes the skin and body hair. Apply on wet skin after bathing to enjoy the silky smooth, it also features a fragrant scent that combines musk roses and sweet and warm wood.

Organix Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo
Special shampoo rich in vitamin E and antioxidants Aloksdhalta treated hair problems during cleaning. Argan oil penetrates into wet hair and restore its softness and luster. It also helps to protect the hair when blow-hot tools.

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil
Cream is rich but non-greasy contains natural ingredients by 99%. You can use it to moisturize the face or the body or skin to moisturize the lips or to illuminate the skin before using makeup.

Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Body Wash
Shower gel contains a special blend of organic argan oil with aloe juice and orange bottom and clove oils, lemon, patchouli and cinnamon and rosewood, peppermint to gently cleans the skin and invigorates the senses.

The Body Shop Solid Oil Lips
Moisturizer for the lips that feed the skin and Anamha from the depths in order to look healthier and more fullness.

Method of use Argan oil for hair

How to use the corners of the hair oil?
What is the amount by which it can be used Argan oil?
The required amount of Argan oil varies from one person to another by the hair quality and state of health, and length. It is estimated the process of returning to the same individual.
We recommend these steps for beginners in the development of Argan oil for hair:
- Tested with a small amount at first; a drop of 1.2 or less, and then gradually modified as needed. The spray pack our own carefully selected so as not to waste a large amount of oil during the spraying.

How to use Argan oil for hair?
You can use Argan oil as:
• product for hairdressing
• Protect your hair from the heat
• intensive treatment for hair
• heated oil for hair
• catalyst to increase its growth
• cure for diseases scalp.

Pure argan oil and organic certified
Argan oil hairdresser:
Whatever the shape of the hairstyle you want to do and no matter what your hair type: dry or weak or difficult layering or wrinkled or lightly or thick or wavy or Sdla or Mmuja; the Argan oil will add luster and softens wrinkles and helps to soften your hair or minimize the natural roughness in it .
Argan oil used for landscape and soft lasts a long time, without making it roughly constant or Mlessa moisture. To prevent excessive friction between the wisps of hair and break Place Argan oil to damp hair before blow-dried hair and round brush to smooth Tamojath. Argan oil used to promote hair curly hairstyle and give them a greater intensity before using the machine rippling hair, styling or simply manually natural hairstyle elegant. The most important feature in Argan oil that does not give a fixed hairstyle lasts only for a longer time, it is a lotion nourishes and protects hair from heat styling hair and weathering machines.
Layered hair using Argan oil with 3 simple steps:
• Dry your hair wet a towel and washed
• Turn on the palm of your hand spray a sufficient amount of oil and gently rub the ends of your hair roots even without pressing firmly on the roots
• Turn styling your hair as you want.
You can put Argan oil is also on dry hair. If you wish styling your hair using a thermal machine it is best little Argan oil placed on the hair before styling thermally to protect it from heat damage.
Very light and soft hair:
To increase the density of light hair and soft without exaggeration used little Argan oil!
• Spray less than a drop on the palm of your hand
• Clear out your face and your body parts
• Wipe the remaining oil on your hair by touch lightly endings even roots.
Thick hair curly / African-American hair:
• Put a good amount of Argan oil to improve the view of the curly locks of hair.
• Dry your hair with a towel moistened
• Take part of the hair and scrub oil Chiefs starting from the ends of the strands. Argan oil amount used depends on the length and intensity of the hair in that part. Remember that small parts of the hair more easily in the habit to deal with them and give them a scene more wrinkled.
• Repeat the process until the end of the whole hair
• Cefvh usual.
Can I use Argan oil as a protection for the hair from the heat?
If you want to keep your hair healthy you should not be subjected to elevated temperatures without protection first. The hair dryers and irons and creasing machine pulls the natural oils in the hair and destroy essential proteins in it and reduce humidity.
Argan oil will not only protects your hair from combustion but Sagve and forfeits.
Argan oil as a treatment for hair intensely
A lot of hair dye and styling and washed offer it for damage. You must use an intensive treatment once a week for the hair to fix and moistened. To moisturize hair cafeteria and the revitalization him perform the following steps:
• Take part of the hair and scrub good amount of Argan oil ranging from roots to ends of the hair. Argan oil amount used depends on the length and intensity of the hair in that part and state of health.

• Repeat the process until you finish all the hair parts
• Spray more Argan oil on your fingertips and rub gently with circular movements deep on your scalp
• leave it on your hair from 1-3 hours and then wash it with shampoo gentle
• To revitalize hair damaged cafeteria preferable to leave the oil in the hair throughout the night
• Repeat the process once a week, at least according to the case of the health of your hair.
Argan oil Khamam hot oil for hair
• Follow steps 1-3 as mentioned above
• Cover your hair with a towel or plastic cap
• Sit in a sauna or under the dryer constant of 15-30 seconds hair
• rinse shampoo gentle
Argan oil to stimulate hair growth
Argan oil before placing the hair in order to stimulate growth to remember that the pores in your scalp may hang out a lot of dead cells and sebum and dirt which may constitute a barrier preventing them from oil easily and the depth and intensity of absorption.
The Argan oil is rich in vitamin F is used to repair and renew the tissues of the body and stimulate the growth of skin and hair cells.
• Peel your scalp Beslsal Alrasul Moroccan
• Wash your hair and dry it with a towel
• Spray Argan oil on your fingertips and knead gently and slowly deep circular movements on your scalp from 10-15 seconds
• Repeat the process 1-3 times a week.
Can I put Argan oil on the scalp dry and my head started to suffer from itching?
Scientifically proven that Argan oil an effective treatment for several cases of sick suffer from scalp like dandruff, psoriasis, skin inflammation and itching and fat accumulation.
Many medical conditions that affect the scalp associated Balzhm; any natural skin oils excessively production.
Please follow the following instructions:
- Always remove excess sebum and dead skin cells and attaches to the pores before using Argan oil. The closed pores cause hair loss and hinder the absorption of scalp Argan oil easily and depth.
- Peeling scalp and then open up the pores using clay Alrasul Moroccan
- Spray Argan oil on your fingertips and knead gently and slowly deep circular movements on your scalp for 10 seconds
- Repeat the process 2-3 times a week depending on the severity of the condition afflicting the scalp
- Continued treatment even represent to heal.


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